World Series Of Poker

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Anyone with an interest in the game of poker would be familiar with the biggest live tournament, the World Series Of Poker. The tournament has a long and interesting history and is the most prestigious poker event in the world.

The origins of the World Series of Poker tournament can be tracked back to 1949 when casino owner Benny Binion received an interesting and unusual request by one of the most enthusiastic gamblers in those days Nicholas Dandolos aka Nick The Greek. He asked Binion to organize a poker game, in which to take part and to compete against the best players in the high-stakes poker world.

A match between Dandolos and one of the legends of poker Johny Moss was organized by Binion and it was announced that the great event will be held in public view. Although difficult to imagine, the competition lasted five months.

Both of the players were taking breaks only to sleep and eat and were continuing the competition. Unfortunately for Dandolos, the winner of this memorable heads up poker match was Johny Moss.


Creation of the WSOP

Soon after that, Binion realized that the poker match attracted huge interest from the public. He understood that organizing similar events will attract poker fans to his casino, and so the World Series of Poker was created in 1970 by Benny Binion himself.

He called it the 'World Series Of Poker' and the competition represented by the best players in the world had to determine which poker player deserved to have the title World Champion. The first World Series of Poker event attracted the best poker players in the country and the first winner became again Johny Moss. This is the only time that the winner was determined by vote.

In 1971, the competition between the players was severe. The winner was determined by successive elimination, until the moment when one of the players collected all the chips. Can you guess who became champion? Quite remarkably it was Johny Moss again, winning his second bracelet, but by playing this time.

During the next 1972 WSOP, the winner of the great competition became Thomas Preston, known in the poker world as Amarillo Slim. In WSOP history, some of the noteable professional poker players who have won the Main Event include Doyle Brunson, Stu Ungar, Johnny Chan, Scorry Nguyen, and most recently Joe Cada.

In fact Johnny Moss won the WSOP Main Event a third time in 1974 and he is the only player with Stu Ungar to have won it 3 times. But the first time in 1970 was by vote, so Stu is the true best champion so far.

WSOP success

Binion did a good job of promoting the World Series by participating in different interviews and broadcastings. In the early 1980s Benny decided to offer a more extensive selection of events at the WSOP, including preliminary competitions with lower buy-in levels.

As you can imagine, the popularity of The World series of Poker exploded, and the player pools got bigger each and every year. The World Series of Poker attracted fifty-two participants in the far 1982. In 1987, there was 2,141 participants. The 2010 World series of Poker main event attracted with 7,319 players.

Today, the amount of the prize money which is offered is enormous. Last year at the 2010 WSOP Main Event there was a first prize of 8,944,310 dollars won by Jonathan Duhamel! It goes without saying that the great invention of Benny Binnion is the most popular live poker event these days and its future is very bright.


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