The Best online poker tools

If you are interested in online poker, you will hear a lot about poker tools. These are software products developed to provide you with an advantage or edge over your opponents at the online poker tables.

There are many (hundreds) of such poker tools and not all are useful. Some are great, some are useless. Below is a list of five of the most useful online poker tools.

Holdem Manager

One important type of tool to use is a so-called poker tracker. This kind of tool keeps tracks of all hand histories that you have played online. It then runs all kinds of statistical analysis to uncover any flaw in your game or in your opponents' games.

It is important to use a poker tracker because nowadays online poker is a very competitive game and unless you just want to play casually and have fun, some study is required. The poker tracker remembers thousands of hands that you play and discover patterns that are not knowable otherwise

The standard poker tracker software is Holdem Manager. For an in-depth review of Holdem Manager, check here. For getting a 10% discount on the Pro version, check here.


Pokeredge is a secret weapon in online poker that very few players know about.

Poker-edge is a poker tracker software like Texas Holdem, but it is like the turbo version.

Instead of just using the local hand histories database from your computer, Poker edge is based of a universal remote database that includes data from millions of online poker players. This database is populated 24/7 by computers entirely dedicated to datamine observed hand histories all over the Internet.

Note that pokerstars and fulltilt poker forbid the usage poker-edge as it is considered to give an "unfair advantage" to the players using it. This is why most players do not use it, by fear of getting their account closed at pokerstars or full tilt poker. But Partypoker Everest Poker allow it.

The secret is that the pokeredge developers have devised a way to make their software completely undetectable by these poker sites. If you want an easy want to improve your win rate and to read your opponents like open books, get pokeredge now!


HandHQ is a great add on to your local poker tracker.

If you use a local database type of poker tracker such as Holdem Manager, then one limitation is that you can only have data from your own hand histories. In order word, you have absolutely no information whatsoever on all the unknown players that you meet each time you play.

Because in modern online poker, there is such a huge turnover at the tables that you are bound to play most of the time against opponents that you never battled before.

The trick is to purchase datamined hand histories and add them to your database. HandHQ is a software company specialized in such offerings. Their data is very cheap and it is much more cost and time effective than if you were trying to datamine observed hand histories yourself.

Tournament Indicator

Tournament Indicator is the only poker odds calculator designed for tournament play.

What is unique to tournament poker is the so-called m-zones. What that means is that in addition to all the odds calculation that needs to be performed in a regular cash game, an added complexity is that the blinds and antes increase regularly.

The best way to handle this is to calculate the m-zones. Depending on which m-zone you are at, your strategy must differ.

Tournament Indicator not only shows your m-zone, but also your opponents' m-zones. Plus many more odds.

Smart Buddy

Smart Buddy is another powerful addition to your set of online poker tools.

Another secret that the sharks do not want you to know is that one of the most effective method for improving your win rate at online poker is table selection.

In fact this is the common saying, but the most appropriate way to say that is "buddy detection". If you can find one or more table with one or more big fish or whale, then you really want to sit at that table. It is no coincidence that the best players are called sharks, because they feed off the fish.

Smart Buddy is a program that let you store every whale that you meet, and alert you each time that player will be online in the future. Smartbuddy is a universal software monitoring over one hundred poker site. Each time one of your "buddy" shows up, you can reach his table with just one mouse click.

Check Smart Buddy' site now.