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Carbon Poker is currently the leader of US online poker after all major poker rooms where ordered to leave the US market for breaking gambling laws.

At Carbon you will benefit from a large traffic and exclusive promotions like the welcome bonus: 200% up to $500.

Carbon Poker also provides casino games to try your luck while having a break from poker, such as Carribean Stud, Black Jack, Roulette and Video Poker.

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Asia Pacific Poker Tour

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) is a poker tournament circuit sponsored by pokerstars marketing code since 2007.

The APPT provides poker enthusiasts with the chance to test their skills against some of the world's best players in the most glamorous of Asia Pacific destinations.

Auckland, Macau, Manilla, Seoul and Sydney. This event has rapidly become the major live tournament event in Asia with the Aussie Million.


Online poker player stats

Poker is all about information and unlike live poker, all your moves in online poker are memorized in one (or more) database somewhere.

So-called hand histories record the details of all poker hands played online and can be used to reveal the playing style of any player and profile them like a scan.

As people do not change much and keep on playing the same way, this is very precious information. Because in poker (but not in slots) it is crucial to adapt to your opponents' style.

Each poker player has his own style due to his personality (aggressive, strong ego, timid, cautious, witty, deep thinker,...) and this will not change, even for the best pros. This is the most precious information in poker: players' style.

One advanced poker tool called pokeredge gathers tens of millions of hands played by millions of online poker players. Accessing this is truly an unfair advantage. This is not a free poker tool, but they have a 7 days free trial to check it out.

You will definitively get a poker edge if you play Texas Hold em poker. In other words an unfair advantage compared to the average poker player whom you can milk.

In modern online poker you really need to use this tool or similar poker aids. The game is getting so cutting-edge competitive that otherwise you will be eaten alive by the regular sharks.

Can you believe that Liz Lieu is a professional poker player?

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For what reason should you play poker?

Poker has been played for over 200 years, but online poker is quite a recent phenomenon. In recent years, there has been a huge poker boom that has totally reshaped the entire poker scene.

1998 was the year of the first online poker room on the Internet. As it was the only online poker provider, Planet Poker enjoyed the online poker monopoly for a short period. About ten years later, there are hundreds of online poker card rooms.

There are many reasons for playing online poker. One is to make money and many new poker players have learned to earn money from poker, some even making a living out of it.

The other incentive is the Poker game itself. Of course, poker is also played for entertainment as it is a very exciting & competitive game.

What are the chances of winning good money at poker?

Poker is one of the few online games where everyone has a chance of winning (big) money.

In most online casino games, the odds are on the side of the house. It is impossible at roulette, craps or other online casino games to earn money in the long run. While playing casino roulette online might seem like it's easier, the odds are still stacked for you to lose.

But with poker it is possible because you do not play against the house, but against other players, including bad ones (fish). And the great poker players make millions after millions.

The most money is made at poker tournaments and the largest ever poker prize was at the WSOP for over $12 million. Prizes over $1 million are very common.

These amazing results are only achieved by a few highly talented players. It really requires a lot of study and practice to reach even 10% of that, but who said it was easy?