Bluffing Through Continuation Bets

Bluffing through continuation bets is a great method for winning a lot of money. If you bluff on your continuation bets, your opponents will never know how to read you correctly. It is important to mix your bluffs up; don't always bluff at the same time or in the same pattern, otherwise you will be discovered and taken for your winnings.

If you do not have a good hand at the flop, things are not completely over. If you have a good feeling that the other players' hands aren't that good either, go for a bluff. Make your continuation bet at the flop and the other players in the poker tournament will not be able to know if you have a winning hand or if you are bluffing.

But as you raised pre flop, they will assume that you have a strong hand. This method can trick even the most experienced poker player. Bluffing is unique to poker and other casino card games such as blackjack do not have any bluffing in them.

Even a veteran player can make the mistake of thinking that your hand is better than his when you make your continuation bet. See, this is another key to poker, think that your hand is better than everybody else, but know that it may not be. You do not want to be too confident using this method, but you do not want to be too shy either or the method may not work.

So use this method whenever you get the chance to. Make your bluff so that everybody thinks that you just got the board you were looking for. When you glance at your cards, smile a little bit, maybe even chuckle.

Believe in your hand when making a continuation bet

If you do not believe in the method, it will not work and you are putting yourself in a position to lose more than you will make. It does not matter at which online poker room you play, Carbon Poker or any other room, continuation bets and bluffing work the same everywhere.

The key to this trick is to be sly. Act just how you do the rest of the game. You need to learn to control yourself and your body language. Believe in your hand, otherwise every other player will not. It is important that you act as if you had a strong hand if you want to mislead them.

Do not continuation bet bluff if you are already on a loosing streak. If you do, be prepared to lose more as poker players are like sharks smelling blood.

Timing is important when making your continuation bets. For instance at the beginning of a game when the other players do not know you yet. You want to set the tone, and they will believe you in the doubt. Or after a winning streak, people will be reluctant to call your bets.

When a player is not doing well for some reason, it is more expected from him to do bluffs. This is how the majority of people think, " since he is low, he will lie". This is true most of the time, so if you are going to bluff when you are down, do it very sparingly.

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