South-East Asia, the land of curcumin and other fabulous spices


Southeast Asia, or also known as Southeastern Asia is a subregion of the continent Asia. Geographically, it consists countries like south of China, East of India, west of New Guinea and north of Australia.

The region lies very close to the geological plates intersection – geographic regions where there is heavy volcanic and seismic activities. The two geographic regions of Southeast Asia are the Maritime Southeast Asia which consists of East Timor, Philippines, Singapore, East Malaysia, Indonesia and Christmas Island and the Mainland Southeast Asia which is historically known as Indochina consists of West Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

The largest country in Southeast Asia is Indonesia. It is also considered as the largest archipelago in the world. It is also one of the most volcanically active regions in the entire world. You can also find a lot of impressive mountain in Indonesia.

One unique feature that the Southeast Asia holds is that you can find ice glaciers here. However, ice glaciers can only be found in New Guinea. It’s major body of water is the South China Sea. Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam and Singapore have integral rivers that flow into the South China Sea.

You can also find the most perfectly coned volcano. It is called Mayon Volcano and you can find it in The Bicol Region of the Philippines.

Aside from the facts that were stated above, here are ten more fun facts that you probably didn’t know.

  1. The largest religious temple in the world- Angkor Wat in Cambodia took 30 years to build.
  2. It is customary (not just a tourist attraction) for the locals to ride elephants. Although it is not done as frequent as it was, it is still common in some countries.
  3. You will find the remains of Buddha housed in a golden urn in a hilltop 30 miles north of Phnom Penh.
  4. Although Vietnam is pretty long geographically from north to south, its narrowest point is from east to west – only 31 miles across.
  5. The second largest coffee exported is Vietnam.
  6. Many great spices such as this one:
  7. Barbers have Wednesdays as their day off as it is believed that cutting one’s hair on a Wednesday will bring bad luck.
  8. At some time in their life, Thai men are expected to become monks for a period of time.
  9. There is a Malaysian belief that you can protect your babies from diseases if you wash them with beer.
  10. Indonesia consists over 17,000 islands – making them the largest archipelago in the world.
  11. There are more people dying from falling coconuts in Thailand than people dying from shark attacks.