Pot Limit Omaha Starting Hands

It is important that you know exactly what type of hands you should play when you are playing pot limit Omaha and what hands you should not play.

If you do not set a strict hand selection then you are going to end up playing too many hands nine times out of ten and it will cost you money that you should not have lost. Since every player receives four cards in Pot Limit Omaha you want to make sure that your hand has plenty of drawing options preflop.

Below we are going to look at the ideal starting hands you should play when you are playing Omaha poker.

The first factor in Pot Limit Omaha poker that makes a good starting hand is whether or not you have four good cards that could be useable during the hand. If you have K-Q-J-10 then you clearly have a lot of options such as hitting a straight or even a flush if any of the cards are suited.

If you have a K-K-3-8 though, then you do not have many options except for possibly hitting a full house, although the odds are definitely not in your favor with this type of hand.

Ideally you want to have starting hands that are double suited when you play online poker PLO so that you have two chances of hitting a flush on the flop. If your flush draws are low though, you might not want to even play the hand because you could easily lose to a higher flush in this game.

If you are holding low pairs in your hand, then you might want to fold these hands because you do not really have many drawing options, except for maybe hitting a full house. Pairs of tens or better with two other cards from 8-Ace can be a good starting hand, because you could hit a high set, a high full house or a high straight.

Best Pot Limit Omaha Starting Hands

As you can see, the best starting hands are all double suited hands although any of the above hands are playable even if they are not double suited. You need to play a tight starting hand selection when you play PLO though, because you can guarantee most players on the table will be as well.

If you begin playing certain trap hands such as low pairs, low flushes and low straights, then you are going to end up losing quite a few hands on the showdown and you are going to run out of money quick.

The betting is fierce when you play Pot Limit Omaha Poker and almost every hand will have at least one opponent betting it out, so you need to make sure you are selective about what hands you call with. If you are chasing a hand after the flop, make sure you are only chasing the nut draws and nothing else.

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