Online Poker vs Slots

While there may be online slot machines that have a poker theme, playing online slots is nothing like playing poker, even online poker. Itís critical that online slot players understand the difference between the game they enjoy and the game of poker.

Differences Between Online Slots and Poker

Playing against the House

If youíve ever been to a live casino, you probably discovered the slot machines long before you found the poker room. In fact, in the 20th century, most live casinos were about 90 percent slot machines and 0 percent poker. There was a good reason for this. Slots were a big money maker for the casino and poker was not. The same is true today. Online casino slots pay out only a certain percentage of the money they take in. If the game is set to 90 percent payback, the casino earns 10 cents on every spin, over the long term. With poker, the casino only gets to rake a small percentage of each pot. They do not benefit from bad players.

Playing Against Other Players

Poker players on the other hand, can benefit tremendously from bad players. There is no fixed amount you can win or lose playing poker. It all depends on the relative skill of a player vs. his opponents and to some extent, the luck of the draw. In the long term, better players can expect to win, since the luck distribution will eventually even out. On the other hand, there is no such thing as a skilled online slot player. It doesnít matter how fast you spin the reels or when you click the mouse. Whether you win is completely random, like rolling a seven on a pair of dice.

Similarities Between Online Slots and Poker

You can find both online slots and poker on the Internet. These games give you the opportunity to risk a small amount to win a lot. Both games can also be very entertaining. Itís important to remember though, that all players can expect roughly the same slots results. Very bad poker players can expect to lose more than average and very good players can expect to win more than average over an extended number of sessions.