Learn more about poker hottie Lynette Chan

If you are looking for an Asian poker pro hot babe, look no further than Lynette Chan.

But despite her good looks, stay on your guard if you ever happen to sit at the same poker table as Lynette Chan, as she is a feared high stake cash games pro.

You may encounter her at the big games at the Bellagio in Las Vegas or the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, where she is a regular face.

Lynette can also be seen on the professional poker tournament circuit as she belongs to the famous team of the Full Tilt Pros. As such she represents full tilt poker. But she is before all a cash player.

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1981, Lynette is 100% Chinese and not Vietnamese as some people believe. She learned poker at her local casinos in the beautiful green city of Vancouver and she rapidly was able to build her bankroll over there.

But the games of her local casino soon were not big enough and Lynette Chan moved south to California where she now lives and plays poker, with a frequent trip to the Las Vegas tables.

Her favorite games are No-Limit Texas Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha and she plays at stakes of $10/$20 or even higher.

Lynette has a life outside of poker. First she started her career as a marketing director for luxury car companies such as Ferrari and Mercedes, but the calling of poker was too strong and she turned pro in 2006. Poker was taking too much of her time, so she had to give up her regular job to follow her passion.

Since she turned pro, she gets more action and she already got a lot before as a beautiful woman. This is a benefit of being a female pro that she enjoys a lot.

She is also a passionate golfer & blackjack player and an animal defender who volunteers at animal protection societies.

Lynette has also a part-time career as an actress and print model and was featured in a number of national publications including the party poker blog.

Lynette plays mostly live poker, but when she plays online poker there is only one room where she can be found, Full Tilt Poker. And if you are lucky you may play against her there.

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