Learn about poker pro Joe Hachem

Joe Hachem made All Australian poker players proud at the 2005 WSOP main event, which he brilliantly won, putting "down under" on the poker map.

Hachem was born in Lebanon in 1966, but he moved to Australia with his family when he was a child. And he never left. Joe now has a beautiful wife and four children.

Interestingly and he is not the only top poker pro in this situation, what made him become a poker professional was his inability to continue practicing his regular profession. Diagnosed with a rare disorder that prevented him to continue using his hands as a chiropractor, he turned his favorite poker hobby into his new job.

Joe Hachem knew the game very well already as he had played poker regularly since a teenager. Initially Joe was happy to stay in his home country, playing both at live casinos in Melbourne and online, at Pokerstars.

Hachem did not really think that he would spend the time and money to participate in the WSOP and this seemed to be no more than a dream, like any other poker player. But luck struck early in 2005 when he placed tenth at a small event and pocketed $28k, more than enough for a WSOP main event seat, which he bought.

The final hand of this 2005 WSOP main event was quite interesting. Joe Hachem called a pre flop raise from the big blind with 73o, which is nearly the worse possible hand in No-Limit Texas Holdem, contenting with this dubious honor with the infamous 72o. But this is how great plays are made.

The flop was non other than 654 giving a nearly impossible to beat straight (89% equity as his opponent could win with a runner-runner flush). Steve Danneman was holding A3o and when an ace came on the turn, Hachem bet, was raised, reraised all in and was called. As the river was a blank 4, the rest is history.

After standing up to the ovations of the Australian crowd, Joe Hachem won what was then the largest ever poker prize, $7,500,00 for his 2005 WSOP championship title.

From then on, Joe became a full-fledged poker pro representing pokerstars. He plays in the major international poker tournaments and has been rather successful at it.

In particular Joe Hachem also won a WPT title. In December 2006 he triumphed at the Five Diamonds Poker Classic at the Bellagio Casino, earning a cool $2,207,575. Only four other players have both a WSOP main event title and a WPT title: Doyle Brunson, Scotty Nguyen, Dan Harrington and Carlos Mortensen.

Joe Hachem almost got a second WSOP bracelet when he finished second at the $2,500 short-handed NLH event in 2006. Sadly all in his AQ lost to A5 when a five came at the river, illustrating the cruel nature of poker.

Anyway he has been doing very well overall in poker tournaments, with 10 WSOP money finishes and total live money prizes over $10,850,000.

After joining the ranks of famous poker players, Hachem joined Team PokerStars, the leader of online poker. You can see him at the high stake tables, and you can even get an opportunity to play a heads-up match with Joe at one of their promotions.

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