The Ethics of Poker Learn How To Lie

Regarding the Ethics of Poker, you can lie but not cheat or steal.

Lying is an internal part of a poker game. A bluff is essentially a big fat lie. You are trying to convince all the other poker players that your hand is unbeatable, when in actual fact it may be the worst poker hand ever.

Deceit Is The Poker Players Stock and Trade

If, Like George Washington, you cannot tell a lie; then poker, especially Texas Holdem Poker is not the game for you. It is essential that you lie about your hand with every bet. Sometimes you want to convince the other players that you hand is the best that's ever been. When you have the Nut straight, flush, or full house you want to convince them that you have nothing and are yourself confused why you are even in the pot.

With every bet, raise, and call you want to feed disinformation to the other poker players. To be brutal about it. You want them to believe your lies to the point that it ends in their utter destruction. Not a chip or a hope left to even play another poker hand. Don't get the idea that you will be the only liar at the poker table. It will be filled with liars and deceivers and the winners will be the best liars.

Cheating At Texas Holdem

Actively trying to get a peek at another players pocket cards is cheating and if you get caught, it could get you banned from the game. Justifiably so.

Playing out of turn is also a big no no. It gives an unfair advantage to other players and may destroy someone's attempt to bluff. Wait for all the players on your right to act before you bet, fold, or raise. Don't expose your cards. Even if they are no good to you and you intend to fold they may be crucial information to another player. If you expose the case Deuce and another player needs it to make a hand he will drop out.

Poker is War - Make Them Pay

Pay particular attention to the two people to your left. Once you have passed the button on to them you may be able to buy it back with a raise. Raising in late position will confuse the enemy. He will not be entirely sure of the reason for the raise. Are you running a bluff? Are you looking for information? Or are you just trying to get folks out of the game because you do not have a real strong hand like AK?

If you have AA or KK you should be raising anyway. You are sitting with the best pre-flop hand with Ace,Ace. It is time to try and drive as many out of the game as possible. Make them take a long hard look at what they can gain(The size of the pot) compared what they have to risk to get it. You do not want someone holding suited hole cards to be able to see the flop on the cheap. Even if you hold Ace, King and draw the not straight he can beat you with a flush. Make him pay to see the flop.

Bluff Your Way To Fortune With Texas Holdem

There are good and bad times to bluff and some players cannot tell the difference. If you want to ever cash in at the WSOP or win an online tourney at Party Poker, you need to master bluffing.

You need to get caught bluffing a few times to make sure that people know you can and will make bluffs.

A good bluff that does not even look like a bluff is raising before the flop with AK. If you are the dealer or the high jack it is a great bluff, otherwise less useful as you move anti-clockwise toward the blinds

Before you decide that you are going to bluff, look at the risk return you are taking. How much money is in the pot? Some players call this pot odds, and have a whole lot of complicated calculations to make before they decide. Just look at it. There is either a large stack of chips or a small stack. If there is a large stack attempt a bluff once in a while.

Bluffing is like selling an idea, the idea that you have the best hand. It helps a lot if your opponent can see right on the table that there is a possible straight or flush. Is there a pair? You may have three of a kind or a full house.

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