Learn about poker pro Hevad Khan

Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan became well-known in online poker in a rather unusual way, but this showed from the beginning his natural talent for the game.

In 2006 Hevad was accused of using poker robots to play multi-tables at pokerstars. Even though it is not illegal to use such "bot" technology to play online poker on your behalf, it is against the term of service of pokerstars and other leading poker rooms.

If caught, the player would be banned from the room, his account frozen and all the money in it confiscated and his reputation seriously tarnished.

Pokerstars is the leader and most stringent enforcer of such prohibition. The reason why pokerstars polices and punishes such activity is to maintain fair games for human players.

Indeed it is believed that it is unfair or unethical to use these programs which have no emotions and can instantly calculate the optimal play. If the players at a room found out that the room allowed such bot programs, they may leave in droves at the thought of this hidden and unfair competition.

So in the case of Hevad Khan, what happened is that he was multi-tabling sit'n go tourneys on a regular basis, to the tune of simultaneously playing 25, 30 or even more of them. No one believed that a human being could handle that many tournaments at the same time without losing money, and he was not. So many players reported him and he was under investigation by pokerstars.

The way he proved himself innocent was to bring a journalist to his dorm room (he was still a student at Rutgers) and to show him and let him tape when he played about 33 sit'n gos all at once. End of story. Except that he began instantly famous as a crazy multi-tabler in online poker circles.

This was just the beginning for Hevad Khan.

One reason why Hevad is so skilled at playing extremely fast is that before playing online poker he was a top StarCraft professional, and such gaming requires nearly supernatural speed. Another similarly gifted poker pro who started as a pro gamer is Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, also a Team PokerStars member.

Being extremely good at sit'n go is a good preparation for multi-table tournaments, in particular at the final table. And Hevad reached his goal by sitting at the final table of the 2007 WSOP Main Event, finishing 6th. This was another important stepping stone in Hevad's poker career.

Hevad Khan has also made himself famous on the poker tournament circuit by his vibrant personality. He is always noticed wherever he sits, sometimes too noticeable and a new rule had to be implemented at the WSOP to prohibit his type a uproar after winning a big hand.

The following year Hevad Khan has his moment of glory when he won the Caesars Place Classic $10k NLHE championship event for a cool one million dollar prize. So far Hevad's live tournament winnings surpass $2.2 million.

Hevad Khan is one of the best poker players of the new Internet-bred generation. Only in his early twenties, his potential will blossom in the next few years.